Korean BBQ, Edinburgh.

After taking in a show at the Fringe festival we decided that we’d like to eat out, living in Edinburgh this can be a tough decision as we’re spoilt by choice.

Initially we opted for standardised Japanese food at Wagamama, but while walking to our destination I remembered there is a place called Korean BBQ that we’d never tried before. We arrived at Korean BBQ at  5.30 and were lucky enough to get a table without booking, the table was reserved for 7.30 so we had a couple of hours to enjoy this new experience.

The staff at Korean BBQ were excellent. They were very attentive and aware that we’d not been before, so they made recommendations on what we should eat.

The salads arrived first and then BBQ selection, the salads are complimentary and consisted of a cabage style slaw with no mayo, kimchi,  fermented beansprout salad and some lettuce leave to wrap your BBQ meats in. you also receive some sesame oil and a spicy BBQ sauce which I managed to polish off.

The food itself was a highlight and being able to BBQ it ourselves was a delight. All of the meats supplied were fresh and tender, we had beef, pork and chicken which had been prepared in different ways.

I did at one point burn something on the BBQ which was  then quickly replaced with a fresh one, while BBQing its a good idea to scrape any excess so you don’t smoke the place out.

The restaurant is not particularly child friendly as it has a hot surface in the middle of the table, however if you have a well behaved 5+ it shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall I’m very happy with our meal, I’d highly recommend that anyone who reads this blog should try it as soon as possible and please feedback on your experience.

One thing to recommend If you want to eat here, make sure you book a table as it gets busy!

Korean BBQ is located on 3 Tarvit St, Edinburgh EH3 9LB,  you can make a booking by calling 0131 229 6789


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